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 Tennessee Walking Horses

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Tennessee Walking Horses
The Tennessee Walker, otherwise known as the Tennessee Walking Horse, Garrett Walker Horse, and other variations upon these themes, is a singularly tractable and comfortable riding horse. The breed was originally bred to carry the owners of plantations around their lands. Their unique four-beat "running walk" is especially comfortable to ride, making the breed a well-suited trail companion. The breed is rarely seen in any of the sport horse disciplines; however, they are good for long-distance riding because of their stamina and easy temper, and are also seen in Western riding disciplines and under harness. Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their gaits: the running walk, the flat walk, and their "rocking horse" canter. Although many members of the breed can perform other gaits, including the trot, fox trot, rack, stepping pace, and single foot, these gaits are typically penalized in breed shows since they are not considered "correct" gaits for a Walking Horse. The running walk is the most famous gait, with speeds from 6-12 mph. As the speed increases, the horse's rear foot overstrides the front print 6-18 in. The greater the overstride, the better a "walker" the horse is said to be.

Tennessee Walking Horse Characteristics
The Walker is exemplary in its disposition. It is a remarkably calm and easy-going breed, and is typically easy to train. Although many Tennessee Walking Horses are black, other colors and patterns such as roans, chestnuts or sorrels, bays, champagnes and pintos are common. Recently, the breed registry began to recognize the sabino pattern, a type of pinto, and many horses registered in the past as roans were actually sabinos. Walkers are generally 15-16 hh, but can be as small as 13.2hh or as tall as 18hh.
In conformation, the Walker has a straight profile, with a long neck and sloping shoulders. The head is traditionally large and refined. In the show arena, they are known for their gliding running walk and are usually shown with long manes and tails. The breed, despite being a flashy mover, are quite hardy horses.They usually range from 14.3 to 17 hands and can weigh between 900-1200 pounds. To meet breed classification, the horse must have small well placed ears, a perfect head that is classified as the breed, long slanting shoulders and hips, a fairly short back, short strong couplings, and an elongated stride.

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