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How a computer can accurately predict game results.

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Betting On Sports
In many ways betting on sports is easier than betting on horses. The most logical reason is that the athletes are humans and not animals and that the takeout (“juice”) is 5-10%, not upwards of 25% as in horse racing. They can tell you when they are hurting or injured, and people can be coached and motivated in ways that don't work with horses!

The amount and quality of data that is available to a sports bettor is far superior to what is available for the horseplayer. In addition to collecting data about rosters, data is available for coaches, officials, fans (home field counts!), and weather. Processing such an enormous amount of data without the aid of a sophisticated technology would be overwhelming, that is until PredictionMachine.com was developed

A gentleman named Paul Bessire, who is a leader in the field of mathematical modeling and analyzing sports devised the algorithm available at the PredictionMachine.com. He has a master's degree in quantitative analysis and has used his training to turn his passion for sports into a profitable betting proposition. His technology engine dubbed the predictalator simulates each and every game 50,000 times in order to assign the most likely outcome.

Over the last seven years Paul has used the PredictionMachine to accurately pick the last 8 Super Bowls (Against the Spread!), and 5 of the last 8 NCAA Basketball tournament champions (predicted on selection Sunday).

Since making his predictions available on his website, their documented results are amazing. Over 60% against the spread and 68% of the top picks against the spread have been winners, including an amazing 12-0 record Against the Spread, winning all 12 NFL playoff games in 2011

If you have an interest in betting sports, do yourself a favor and check out what they are doing at predictionmachine.com.


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