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Horse of the Year
Santa Anita Special


"1938 Horse of the Year" on back of Red

"1940 Santa Anita Handicap Winner" on back of black

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Seabiscuit's Race Record

Year Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
35 5 7 5 $12,510
23 9 1 5 $28,995
15 11 2 1 $168,580
11 6 4 1 $130,395
1 0 1 0 $400
4 2 0 1 $96,850
Totals 89 33 15 13 $437,730

Seabiscuit's career began slowly and consisted primarily of claiming races. By age 4 he was setting track records and earning championship awards.

At 4 Seabiscuit demonstrated his speed by setting records in the San Juan Capistrano, Massachusetts, Yonkers, and Riggs Handicaps. He also won the Brooklyn, Butler, and Bay Meadows Handicaps and was named Champion Male Handicap Horse.

Seabiscuit and War Admiral were the only competitors in the Pimlico Special of 1938, making it a de facto match race. Seabiscuit won by four lengths in track record time. He also won the Hollywood Gold Cup, a second Bay Meadows Handicap, and was named Horse of the Year.

An injury at 6 kept Seabiscuit in recovery for the year, but he made an excellent return at 7 in the Santa Anita Handicap.

Seabiscuit was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1958.

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