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Horse Racing Video Game

Play the HorseHats Derby - Name your horse and race it against the computer. 

If your virtual horse can win 10 races in a row you can enter the hall of fame.



Horse Racing game

Free online horse racing game

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Play The Horsehats Derby game

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To play the flash horse racing video game, first select your horse and give it a name. Click the "Race" button to begin the game.  Use the arrow keys to move your horse around the racetrack.  At the half-way point of the race (you will see a red flag) you may begin to use the whip to urge on your horse.  Use the whip by pressing the space bar.  Watch the race progress, as well as your energy and pace.  Don't go too fast too early, make sure you have enough horse left for the homestretch!

If you and your horse are good enough and are able to win 9 races in a row, you will make it to the Horsehats Derby.  Win the Horsehats Derby and you can enter your name into the Horse Racing Hall of Fame. 

Want fun, fast-paced, realistic virtual horse racing action and win prizes, free to play? Check out this horse racing game!

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