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Equine medical and horse supply, stable supplies, wormers, supplements, fly control

Information about equine veterinary care, racehorse care and grooming.

Veterinary Book
Equine Veterinary Manual
Every horse owner has experienced that feeling of helplessness when something is wrong with his or her animal. While correct diagnosis of any equine disease may have once proven complicated, this extraordinary reference provides fast, comprehensive insights into equine health, and tells horse owners exactly when expert help is needed.
Readers will find detailed assessments of the cause, symptoms and treatment of every known equine disease, enabling them to access relevant information as quickly as possible.

Equine West Nile Vaccine

West Nile Innovator 10ds Vial

West Nile Virus Vaccine is indicated for the vaccination of healthy horses as an aid in the prevention of viremia caused by West Nile Virus. West Nile-Innovator is FDA approved for use in veterinary medicine. The usual dose in horses is to inject 1 ml intramuscularly using aseptic technique. Administer a second 1 ml dose 3 to 6 weeks after the first dose. Revaccinate annually with one 1 ml dose.

Horse Ulcergard

UlcerGard Oral Syringe

UlcerGard is indicated for prevention of gastric ulcers in horses 600 lbs and over. Veterinarians have found that 70% of horses develop ulcers within a week when put in competition, fairs, or training environments.UlcerGard is a proton pump inhibitor used for the prevention of gastric ulcers. UlcerGard Paste should be administered orally once a day at a recommended dosage of 0.45mg per lb (1/4 syringe) to effectively prevent stomach ulcers in horses exposed to stressful conditions such as training, racing, showing, traveling, stall confinement, and competition, for a duration of 28 days.
Horse Dewormer
Ivercare Ivermectin 1.87% Paste Sure-Grip Single Dose Oral Syringe
For over 17 years, ivermectin, the active ingredient in IverCare has been the dewormer of choice for savvy horse owners. IVERCARE (ivermectin) kills 35 stages of worms and bots combined in a single dose, providing broad spectrum parasite control. With a wide margin of safety, IVERCARE can be used on horses of all ages without age restrictions. Even young foals. IVERCARE can safely be used on broodmares at any stage of pregnancy and breeding stallions.
Horse Fly Spray
Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray For Horses 32oz w/Sprayer
An effective fly spray that won't sweat off. Contains cypermethrin and pyrethrin. Stays on and keeps working even in wet conditions. Provides up to 14 days fly control. Contains RepeLock, a special conditioner that binds to hair shaft and won't sweat off. Protects against biting and nuisance flies, gnats, mosquitoes, deer ticks, lice. Repels and kills mosquitoes. Contains sunscreen.
Cosequin Joint Medicine
Cosequin Equine Powder Concentrate 700g For Horses
Cosequin plays an important role in maintaining optimal joint function in horses. The superior quality ingredients provide the raw materials that are essential for the synthesis of synovial fluid and the major components of articular cartilage matrix. The synergistic effect of each ingredient performing its primary function concurrently is what makes Cosequin unique and the only true broad-spectrum cartilage matrix enhancer.
Synovi Equine Medicine
Synovi-MSM Equine Granules 2.25kg For Horses
In clinical tests, use of MSM produced significant relief of pain and stiffness along with reduced swelling and inflammation. MSM prevents pressure build up in cells, permitting nutrients in and pushing toxins out. There is a positive synergistic effect on the building of healthier cells when MSM is taken in combination with Vitamin C. The combination of Glucosamine and Perna Canaliculus stimulates synovial fluid synthesis, as well as the production of essential connective tissues. Glucosamine returns viscosity to the synovial fluid and enhances its ability to carry the vital nutrients necessary to rebuild cartilage, insulate the bone from friction and cushion the joint in movement.
Panacur Horse dewormer
Panacur Powerpac Equine Dewormer 5-57g Tubes
No matter which region you live in, the idea behind an annual larvicidal treatment is the same: to rid your horse of as many internal parasites as possible at least once a year, and then follow up with regular parasite control every 6-8 weeks. The benefits of a larvicidal treatment using the Panacur Powerpac will become apparent about four weeks after you complete the treatment. Your horse's coat will probably look shinier. It may "fill out" and act like it just feels better. And no matter what kind of rider you are, you'll notice a difference in your horse's performance and willingness to work.
Horse Shampoo
Malaseb Shampoo 12oz Bottle
Malaseb is an antifungal shampoo used for dermatological conditions associated with infections responsive to miconazole nitrate and chlorhexidine gluconate. Contains a patented synergistic formulation for removing scales, degreasing skin, and killing cutaneous microorganisms that cause dermatitis. This product can be used for dogs, cats and horses.
Race Horse Care
Professional Racehorse Care
Taking care of a racehorse involves many facets - from keeping the horse happy to recognizing any signs of lameness to knowing how to muck a stall. Author T.A. Landers, a former master groom turned trainer, breaks down all aspects of racehorse care in a clear, concise, and comprehensive manner that will leave the reader with more confidence in handling these magnificent animals. Professional Care of the Racehorse provides photographs and detailed explanations of grooming, feeding, restraining, tacking, and handling racehorses. The book also explains the necessary equipment and its proper use and care. All of this thrown in together with a few tips on horse psychology makes it an excellent resource for anyone who works with horses.