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Find a job working with horses.  Horse farm and racetrack jobs.

Different types of employment working with horses, and horse related job descriptions.

How to get a job working with horses


Find a job working with horses  
Working in the horse industry is a dream for many people.  The hours are long and the pay is usually low. There are numerous jobs at different skill levels available at racetracks, horse farms, and veterinarian clinics.  The most important job requirement is a love of horses and in interest in their well being and care. These job descriptions can help you find employment working with horses or find a job within the horse industry.

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Horse Trainer
  Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
Being a trainer of a racehorse is one of the "glamour" jobs within the racing industry.  To be a successful trainer it takes many years of hard work, and many long hours on the job. In addition to a thorough understanding of the sport of horse racing and horses, a trainer must also be a manager, coach and salesman.  Trainers are responsible for developing feeding and training programs for the horses in their care.  They must set exercise schedules, find and schedule races with conditions that match their horses abilities.  Trainers hire and consult with jockeys and jockey's agents to find riders whose skills best compliment the horses in their care.  Trainers must hire and manage grooms, exercise riders, blacksmiths, and all the other people that come into contact with their horses.  In addition to this they must have an in-depth understanding of horse anatomy and physiology and be able to detect any physical problems that their horses experience.  Trainers communicate with vets, nutrition specialists, and other equine health personnel to make sure their horses are in top condition.  It has been said that the best trainers are those that can "train owners".  A good horse trainer has to be an excellent salesman and convince the owners of the best horses that they are the best trainer for their horses.  Being an expert in horse conformation and pedigree, a trainer attends horse sales and auctions and advises his owners on purchases.  Accounting and business management skills are also required to manage the accounts of the different horses and owners, vet bills, feed, tack, etc. 
Jockey   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
Being a jockey is one of the most dangerous and physically demanding jobs in all of sports.  A jockey must be small in stature and of light build, but enormously strong.  They must have excellent riding skills and a thorough knowledge of horses. Apprentice jockeys breaking into the sport often work as stable hands while establishing themselves as riders.  In addition to riding during training and racing, a jockey must interact with the trainer and take instructions on racing strategy.  Using their knowledge of the abilities of each horse, and the best tactics to use to win each race jockeys are an integral part of the racing team. After a race or exercise ride , a jockey communicates with the trainer to inform them of the horses performance and makes suggestions.  They also must communicate with racing stewards, owners, maintain riding equipment, and study videos and past performances of horses running at the tracks where they ride.

Horse Jobs Guide Book
Finding a career working with horses
This is the best reference book for finding a job working with horses. You will find information about over 200 horse related jobs with all the pros and cons of each clearly detailed. Typical horse jobs such as veterinarian, trainer and ferrier are described as well as information about non-typical horse jobs such as marketing and sports psychology. Advice is given on how to search and apply for jobs within the equine industry as well as guidance on how to start your own horse related business.

Groom - Stablehand   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A groom or stablehand maintains the stalls that the horses live in, keeping them clean and making sure that the horses in their care are comfortable. They brush, groom, feed, water and handle the horses as they come in and out of their stalls. A good groom checks horses for lameness and other medical conditions and notifies the trainer or barn foreman.  Stablehands sometimes give medication and vitamins to the horses, bathe them and walk them to and from the racetrack.  A good groom can progress to being a barn foreman, assistant trainer or trainer.  A groom with the right physical make-up can also become an apprentice jockey.  Stablehands are required to work long hours and work on weekends and holidays, they must provide consistent and excellent care for the horses.
Hot Walker   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A hot walker walks the horses around the stable area after a race or exercise.  This job is often performed by a groom or stablehand, but in busier barns it is a separate duty.
Exercise Rider   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A crucial job on the racetrack, many jockeys learn their skills as exercise riders first.  An exercise rider has to understand and implement the trainer's instructions for each horse they work, jog, or gallop. They need to remain calm and cool amid the chaos of morning training at a racetrack.  They must help train a horse in the proper way to run and respond to the jockey's instructions. Exercise rider's have to teach a horse how to behave when warming-up, how to walk into the gate, how and when to switch leads, and get the horses they ride used to conditions they may face during a race.  An exercise rider has to be able to gauge a horse's fitness and relay this information to the trainer, as well as be able to identify soreness or lameness issues.
Barn Foreman - Assistant trainer   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
The barn foreman handles the grooms and stablehands and makes sure all the tasks assigned to them are completed on time and done correctly.  The assistant to the trainer, he or she must help manage all the staff and help with the training, feeding and care of the horses in the stable.  They may also manage the ordering of supplies, inventory and hiring of staff.
Blacksmith - Farrier   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A physically and mentally demanding job that is vitally important.  A farrier makes and fits horseshoes, as well as inspecting, trimming and fitting the horses hooves for balance.  Farriers need to understand horse behavior, the anatomy of the horse, metal working tools, common hoof infections, shoeing technology, and be strong and confident around horses.  Good farriers are in short supply.
Bloodstock Agent   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A bloodstock agent represents an owner wishing to purchase a horse at auction or through private sale. Bloodstock agents are experts in pedigree, conformation, racing, and need to have a thorough understanding of the equine marketplace.  Usually working on commission, a bloodstock agent must have great sales and marketing skills as well as contacts within the horse racing industry.
Sales Help and Staff    Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
Working at the many horse sales or auctions that occur throughout the year, most sales help positions are temporary, but others are filled by full-time employees of the major horse farms and consigners.  Showmen bring out the horses for potential buyers to inspect and must be able to properly walk the horse for inspection.  Frontmen interact with the customers and organize the showing of the horses that they wish to inspect, and must also be aware of the pedigree and bloodlines of the horses for sale and answer questions about the sires and dams of the sale horses.  The grooms brush, clean, feed and maintain the living quarters of the horses when they are on the sales grounds.
Equine Feed / Nutrition Specialist   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
Equine feed and nutrition specialists are experts in horse nutrition and understand the requirements of growing, performing and breeding adult and aged horses in various disciplines e.g. racing, breeding, sport horse. They prepare diets and feeding regimes for race horses, studs, stables and breeding farms. They must know about the specifications of various raw materials and different types of horses. Equine Feed Specialist’s interact with trainers, veterinarians, stable staff. Some Feed Specialists are also involved in the selling and marketing of feed products within the equine industry.  A degree in animal science and nutrition are usually requirements to find a job as an equine feed or nutrition specialist.
Racetrack Management   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
Race course managers oversee the operations of race courses. They are responsible for record keeping and report writing, supervising track maintenance and planning and organizing new developments. They also recruit, select and manage staff and are responsible for budgeting, financial planning, and purchasing capital equipment. Race Course managers must supervise track maintenance and turf management. There are college programs available in racetrack management, two of the most well know are at the University of Louisville and the University of Arizona.
Veterinarian Assistant   Available Horse Jobs or Learn How to get one
A Veterinary Assistant works with the veterinarian and assists with animal care. Duties generally include assisting with moving and restraining animals, retrieving and assisting with equipment and materials, and assisting with administering medications and treatments under the supervision of the veterinarian.  Good communication skills are needed to act as a liaison between the trainers and Vets. Veterinary assistants commonly travel with veterinarians when they make calls away from the clinic. Good horsemanship skills are needed and the ability to learn and remember medical terminology.

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