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Horse Race Handicapping Software
This horse racing handicapping software will allow you to handicap a race
quickly using some basic handicapping methods.

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This horse handicapping calculator is easy to use and extremely accurate.  The software will allow you to select from over 30 handicapping factors to rank horses in each race.  At the end of the process the horses will be ranked from highest to lowest, and the horse with the most points is the horse that should be bet.  Use this handicapping tool to find out the best value bets in each race, or to spot pace or speed advantages.  Experiment with the results and use them as a guide when you are trying to pick a winning horse. Handicapping data is already loaded, so you do not have to enter any information. The video below provides a detailed look at how to use this horse racing software to pick winning horses.


Horse Handicapping Software

Try this Handicapping Software for free now!

Using the Betmix handicapping software you can look at a race in several ways. You can rank horses by speed, pace, trainer - jockey, earnings or any combination of factors that you think will determine the winner. The horse racing software will allow you to save your settings and apply them to future races, or to past races in the historical race database to see how accurate the settings were.

The advanced features of the handicapping software will allow subscribers to use a tool that uses artificial intelligence to tell you which factors should have been used and at what level, to predict the winner of a past race this handicapping tool called MixMaker will create mixes for you.

To automatically handicap a horse race, simply click on the Rankings Button and the computer will rank the horses within each handicapping factor as well as provide you with an overall ranking for the race.

Try out the best horse handicapping software, at Betmix.com Take a look at the free race and you will understand how powerful the software can be. Over 30 handicapping factors that can be used and weighted in a comprehensive system that allows you to save strategies and test them against past historic horse racing data as well as every currently running race.

Free Handicapping Software