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Horse Girths and cinches.

Girths for leather and synthetic saddles.  English and jumping girths in a variety of styles.

Horse Girths - Horse Saddles - Saddle Blankets

Fleece lined cinch. Poly fiber fleece is overlay stitched to a colored 3 in. nylon web center panel with nickel-plated dees and buckles. Keepers for leathers. Made in USA.

Chafeless Leather Girth
Chafeless Leather Girth

Chafeless leather girth, manufactured in the USA with top quality bridle leather. Stainless steel double bar roller buckles are nickel. Triple elastic at one end, and is shaped for anti-chafe at elbows. Contoured for a perfect fit. Size 36'' 56''. Dark Brown or chestnut (darkens beautifully when oiled).

English Leather Girth
English leather girth

Top quality English bridle leather girth with double end elastic with roller buckles. This girth will match most dark leather saddles! Legacy English leather products offer high leather quality supple tack at affordable prices. You won't be able to tell it from the MUCH more expensive bridlework.

Elastic girth. High quality waffle textured neoprene with the elastic in the middle! No unsightly stained elastic hanging out for all to see, and your leg won't rub on it and wear it out either!! A really useful, economical design with stainless steel roller buckles on both ends. Looks great with leather or synthetic saddles!
These are the very best quality girths produced. Made with soft, top grain leather. Contoured for a perfect fit. Edgewood girths are nylon lined from end-to-end, outfitted with rounded stainless buckles and fancy-stitch. Thick ¾ Sheepskin lining is added for beauty and comfort. Great for sensitive and girthy horses. Available color: Havana that darkens beautifully when oiled. Sizes: 40 - 56.
.Ideal for the rigors of training and showing, no other girth on the market are more comfortable for your horse than the SMx® Dressage girth by Professionals Choice. The shock absorbing neoprene acts as a second skin, always moving with your horse, not against it. The waffle-patterned closed-cell neoprene does not absorb moisture or sweat therefore, prevents slipping keeping the girth lightweight and comfortable for your horse. The combination of elastic and buckles on each side of the girth provides uniform pressure, even pull and does not require over-tightening. The leading edge of the girth is soft and pliable so it will not rub sores in the elbow area. Made of the highest quality materials and lasts longer because their limestone-based neoprene wont crack or split after continued exposure to the elements. The webbing and the buckles are removable so each part can be easily cared for and clean separately. Color: black. Sizes: 22- 32.