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Whirlaway - Triple Crown Winner


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Pedigree: Blenheim II - Dustwhirl (Sweep)

Owner: Calumet Farm

Trainer: Ben Jones



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Back: 1941 Triple Crown Winner

Whirlaway - 1941 Triple Crown Winner - The 5th Winner of the Triple Crown

(April 2, 1938 - April 6, 1953)

Whirlaway was sired by English Derby winner Blenheim II and his dame was Dustwhirl. he was bred by Calumet Farm. His trainer Ben Jones won the Kentucky Derby 6 times adn Eddie Arcaro was his jocket during his triumphant triple crown career. he was later ridden by Seabiscuits' jockey, George Woolf as Arcaro was serving a suspension.

Jimmy Jones, son of the colt's trainer, recalled that "Whirlaway was a creature of habit. You had to create habits for him. So we created the habits we wanted him to do." [Keeneland Magazine, Oct. 1998] The champion colt had a habit of bearing out, drifting toward the middle of the racetrack, during the latter part of his races and getting himself beaten. In preparations for the Kentucky Derby, this had been such a problem that trainer Ben A. Jones fitted the colt with a full-cup blinker over his right eye. In Whirlaway's final work before the Derby, he cut a small hole in the blinker so that the horse had a tiny field of vision. Jones then positioned himself ten feet off the inner rail and told jockey Eddie Arcaro to ride the horse through that space. Whirlaway was able to see his trainer, Arcaro was able to keep him on a straight path, and Whirlaway won the Kentucky Derby.

Whirlaway Won Major Awards in his 2, 3 and 4 yr old years winning:

1940 Turf & Sport Digest Champion 2 yr old

1941 US CHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR & Champion 3 yr old Colt

1942 US CHAMPION HORSE OF THE YEAR & Champion Older Male

Whirlaway Major Race Wins:

American Classic Race wins:
Kentucky Derby (1941)
Preakness Stakes (1941)
Belmont Stakes (1941)

Breeders' Futurity Stakes (1940)
Hopeful Stakes (1940)
Saratoga Special Stakes (1940)
A. J. Joyner Handicap (1941)
Travers Stakes (1941)
Lawrence Realization Stakes (1941)
Saranac Handicap (1941)
Dwyer Stakes (1941)
American Derby (1941)
Massachusetts Handicap (1942)
Narragansett Special (1942)
Clark Handicap (1942)
Jockey Club Gold Cup (1942)
Louisiana Handicap (1942)
Washington Handicap (1942)
Trenton Handicap (1942)