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REGRET - 1st FILLY to win Kentucky Derby Winner


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Pedigree: Broomstick - Jersey Lightning ( Hamburg)

Owner: Harry Payne Whitney

Trainer: James G Rowe Sr.


This is our 3rd hat in our Legends series!


Record 21: 9-5-1
Earnings $18,325




REGRET became the 1st filly to win the Kentucky Derby in 1915.

In all the years since, there have only been 2 other fillies to win the run for the roses: Genuine Risk and Winning Colors.

She had a a record of 11-9-1-0, earning over $35,000

Out of 11 starts in four seasons (1914–1917), Regret won nine, and placed second in one. The only race she was not placed in was the 1916 Saratoga Handicap. Throughout her career, she was never beaten by a female horse.

Her major wins are below:

Saratoga Special Stakes (1914)
Sanford Stakes (1914)
Hopeful Stakes (1914)
Kentucky Derby (1915)
Saranac Handicap (1915)
Gazelle Handicap (1917)