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Horse Racing Long Shot Picks and expert handicapping selections. Win big at the racetrack using the Donerail / Insider Racing picks.

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Cash big winning tickets with Donerail / Insider Picks
Your subscription to Donerail / Insider racing picks includes long shot picks from the Donerail Project sent to you every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You also get access to Insider Racing Picks (Sent whenever we get them) and a free copy of the Trifecta Super System.

The Donerail Project uses a sophisticated computer model

to find value plays at major racetracks in North America. Take a look at the recent results to your left to see what kind of winners they are delivering. Each Donerail play includes a main pick and horses to use in exotics.

Insider Racing Picks
: Trainers, owners, breeders, jockeys, clockers, grooms, and expert handicappers know when a horse is sitting on a big effort. They know when a horse is in peak condition, when a recent ailment has been overcome, when an equipment change has worked, when a workout says its time to bet... Over the years we've made several connections in the industry: at the track, and on the farm. These horse racing insiders have been very generous with us in sharing information about when they think a horse is ready to win.

The theory of efficient markets asserts that financial markets, including betting on horses, are informationally efficient. In other words, the information available to the general public through the DRF, Brisnet, and every other source of past performance information ensures that the correct odds will be attributed to each horse in every race. The public will correctly identify each horses chances in a given race, and over the long run you cannot realize more profit than the average player. However, it is widely known that insiders (owners, trainers, jockeys, grooms, clockers, etc.) have access to information that is not available in the racing form. If you were using insider information to invest in the stock market you could be in trouble, but there is no law against using insider information to bet on horses!

Subscribe to our insiders picks and tips and get notified when we do about horses that are ready to win now.

Of course not every tip is a winner, but we have seen more than a few return a big payout. Usually a tip from an insider is accompanied by a request to "keep it quiet", so rather than blast the tips out on twitter or displayed on a web page, these horse racing tips are available via subscription only.

By subscribing to the insider picks service, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of horses that are tipped to us by our friends in the industry. Sometimes these e-mails will come a few days in advance, other times only an hour before the race. We send them when we get them.

We cannot anticipate the frequency of the tips, but we usually average a 5-6 per month. We certainly cannot guarantee the results either, but we have had great success with them in the past, and we only pass on horses that are 4:1 or greater on the morning line. Nobody likes getting tipped on a favorite, and we don't either! Our contacts get geared up for big horse racing meets and events, so we usually get great tips for Saratoga, Keeneland, Del Mar, and Breeders' Cup. You never know where the next sure thing is going to come from.