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Hill N Dale Farm
  Hill N Dale FarmHill 'n' Dale Farm is widely recognized for its world-wide reputation as a respected Thoroughbred breeding and consignment operation. Developed with an uncompromising commitment to quality, Hill 'n' Dale Farm currently operates an elite and successful breeding and sales program centered around a select group of Thoroughbreds with enviable pedigrees. Hill 'n' Dale Farm's philosophy is to carefully schedule its population so that each animal receives hands-on attention. In addition, Hill 'n' Dale Farm believes that the key to successful operations is not only in the number of horses produced but in the careful selection of stallions and broodmares to produce a high proportion of outstanding foals. In its many years of operation, Hill 'n' Dale Farm has developed a reputation for breeding and selling some of the best race horses in the world. Indeed, its home bred-horses have proven to be very successful in recent competitions. Hill 'n' Dale Farm sits on prime Thoroughbred breeding land in the heart of the Bluegrass.